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Sunday 13th October 2024 will see the 13th Wokingham Walk.


All proceeds from the Wokingham Walk will be used to support local charitable causes. Some recent examples that Wokingham Lions have helped include:

  • Ollie Young Foundation
  • Thames Valley Air Ambulance
  • First Days
  • Share (Local Food Distribution Charity)
  • ME 2
  • Promise Inclusion
  • Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice
  • Kaleidoscopic UK
  • Building for the Future
  • Wokingham Men’s Shed
  • Just Around the Corner

And many more smaller individual cases of need. For more details please visit


The event will start in Elms Field, Wokingham and will have a rolling start time from 9.00am (8.30am for faster pre-registered walkers) until 10.30am.

The finish will be manned until 5pm so there is no need to rush. 



Elms Field is adjacent to Aldi in Wokingham. The registration area will be clearly visible within Elms Field.



The town centre car parks will be open on the day. Please note that Wokingham Borough Council have now introduced Sunday Parking Charges. The nearest two car parks are NCP Wokingham and The Carnival

Details of all the town centre car parks can be found at



Registration on the day will be available from 9.00 am until 10.30 am. Please ensure that you check back in at the end of your walk so that we know that everybody is accounted for. The check in will close at 5.00pm, or when all walkers have returned (if sooner).


Fast Walkers

If you anticipate that you will be able to average over 3 1/2 MPH over the walk and would prefer an early start to avoid having to pass slower walkers who may have started before you, please indicate in the box under registration and we will endeavour to allocate you with one of the earlier start times.


The Start

Pre-registered walkers will receive a requested start time by e mail to minimise congestion on the Elms Field and along the routes. If the allocated start time is not convenient, or your friends have a different time, don’t worry. Our aim is to even out arrivals and you can come along at a time that best suits your plans.

Please be considerate of other people using the footpaths.

Water bottles will be available for a donation, but please bring sufficient water yourself with you if you are planning on the longer routes.


Event phone number

Should you need any assistance while you are on the walk, please save the number below onto your phone prior to the event.



If you need direction and are uncertain about the signage on the route please call Andy on 07876 195165



CALL 999 FIRST – THEN follow up with the Emergency Number

When using your mobile phone during the walk, please keep an eye on your battery level so you always have enough power to call the emergency number if needed. Please bear in mind that some apps can drain your battery quickly, so keep a close watch.


Dogs are welcome to attend, but must be kept under control at all times and on the lead in areas where livestock and horses are present.


Route signage

All routes will be clearly signed with Arrows to signify the different routes. If you have any doubts please call Andy on 07876 195165 who knows all routes well.

Make sure you always have an idea of where you are as it is your responsibility not to get lost and to know your rough location if you do. We also recommend having access to a Google type map on your phone. The 5, 10 and 15 mile routes will be marked with Mile Markers so try to remember which one you passed last to help find your location.

The What3words App is a useful free download to have and will give an exact location which will enable us to direct you back to the route should it be necessary.

You will be fully responsible for the safety and security of any children that accompany you on the walk.

Hazards on the route will be indicated by a Triangle with an explanation mark. Take special care when you see these and be aware of your surroundings.

Please note that the 10 and 15 mile route will cross the fairways of a golf course on a public foot path. Please pay attention to the Golf Club signage asking you to look to check that it is safe to proceed before continuing.


Event rules

There aren’t too many rules but the ones we do have are important to keep you safe. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with them prior to the walk.


Participants must ensure they are adequately hydrated, fed and rested before commencing any stage of the Event and report any concerns to an Event Medic or Event Staff. If, in the opinion of an Event Medic, a participant is considered unfit to complete the next stage, or further stages, that participant will be excluded as necessary.

  1. Participants must carry a charged mobile phone with them
  2. You must follow the country code at all times and close all gates behind you
  3. All litter must be kept on your person until it can be properly disposed of in a suitable bin
  4. Take care crossing roads.
  5. Please maintain social distancing and be respectful of other walkers that you may encounter on the route.


Exiting / retiring from the walk

If you need to exit/drop out of the walk, please inform our event staff on the contact number previously mentioned. We will be able to advise you on the best way to leave the walk either by pick up or public transport.


Rest Stops

In order to minimise the use of “one shot” disposable water bottles you are strongly encouraged to bring your own water supply in a reusable bottle. We will supply a limited amount of disposable water bottles which will be available in exchange for a donation.
There will be no rest stop on the 5 mile route which is estimated to take you around 2 hours to complete. Please ensure that you carry sufficient water and snacks as there will be minimal opportunity to purchase these items on either route.
The 15 mile route will have a stop at the Queens Oak, Finchampstead (10 miles in) and the 10 and 15 mile routes will have a rest stop at Ambarrow Court Car Park (5 m miles in) There will be a supply of water and sweets/bananas at both stops.

The Hive Coffee shop on Dukes Ride in Crowthorne at approx 4 miles on the 10 & 15 mile routes have confirmed that they will be open and are happy to provide toilet facilities if you buy a coffee.



You do not have to get yourself sponsored but the Wokingham Walk is the perfect opportunity to raise funds for the good cause of your choice.

You can use Just Giving to raise funds for your choice of Charity – follow this link and search for the event “Wokingham Walk Autumn 2024”

Alternatively you may find this sponsorship form useful Generic-Sponsor-Form



Remember your kit & check the weather

Don’t forget essential items of your kit. Check the weather leading up to the walk to ensure you have everything is covered come rain or shine. The correct footwear is absolutely essential and will need to be waterproof if it’s going to be wet and muddy.

Final Hints & tips

  1. Deal with ‘hot spots’ on your feet straight away and tape up/Compeed etc to avoid blisters
  2. Drink plenty of water and stay fully hydrated but don’t ‘overdo’ the energy drinks or gels. Drink water little and often and don’t wait to get thirsty
  3. Pace yourself. There is no point going out too quickly and then fading. It’s a challenge not a race and there is no prize for the first back!
  4. Enjoy yourselves!

We wish you the best of luck for your challenge and look forward to meeting you at the start!



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